Born into a gunsmithing family in 1957 my dad Glen Malin apprenticed under the famed P.O. Ackley in the 1940s.  My Second cousin, Russ Hightower, was P.O.’s shop foreman.  I shot my first revolver at the young age of 8 and disassembled (and reassembled!!!) my first Smith & Wesson revolver at 15.  It was then that I became infected with a disease from which there is no known cure; the search for the Holy Grail of perfection in the art of custom gunmaking.  In my shop the concept becomes reality and the x-ring of the target becomes a bullet trap.  It is a place where only the best work is acceptable.


Welcome to my workshop

Certificates in-

  1. -Basic Machine Shop

  2. -Advanced Machine Shop

  3. -Barrel Fitting

  4. -Bluing & Metal Finishes

Accolades & Accomplishments

  1. -Revolver Distinguished-1993

  2. -1480 Club-1996

  3. -Semi Auto Pistol Distinguished-2008